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I've been gone awhile but now I am back, I guess. I come bearing gifts however!

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Rev Ned the Vapid:
It has been quite a few years since I last logged on but I am happy to be back.

I have been attending Grand Canyon University which is a private christian college located in Arizona.  This school was chosen due to the way their online classes work in that you take one class at a time for eight weeks and that counts as being a full time student to qualify for educational benefits.  The downside to this is that I am forced to take a "Christian World View" class which brings me to the point of my gift...
I have been citing the Principia Discordia as an alternative to christianity at a very christian school.

Please forgive me if I put this post in the wrong place.

This file is just a power point presentation, nothing too nefarious.  So without further adieu:

(if there is a better or prefered method of sharing content please fill me in)

Also please note that are are speaker's notes at the bottom

Rev Ned

 :lulz: have you presented this? How did it go over?

Rev Ned the Vapid:

This will show the teacher's thoughts, my grade and the criteria by which I was graded...

Rev Ned

Nicely done!

Doktor Howl:

This is genius.


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