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--- Quote from: Frontside Back on May 16, 2018, 03:32:07 pm ---Some people are too smart for their own good anyway.

--- End quote ---

Well, we can at least agree on that.

I look forward to your re-creation of calculus. 

Frontside Back:
I present you the cult, which sole purpose is to manipulate people to independently come up with the same exact cult, such that everyone thinks they are the cult leader.

Time to add "cult leader" to my resume, I guess.


I feel this in the realm of larp game design

In New England, we have all reached these conclusions about how to run a game. These conclusions were developed through 15-20 years of mistakes. There is this shared model of "how larps work" and people get real defensive about it.

Every so often a newcomer steps onto the stage and has some crazy new idea.

The veterans go "No, that will never work, we tried it, it sucked"

but you know...

sometimes it actually does work

There's something about the newcomer mindset, the person who lifts up a rock with no expectation of what they'll see.

There's something about "Outsider Art" - art not inspired by the artistic tradition, but coming from some novice whose never taken Art History. It's often clumsy and naieve and makes predictable mistakes, but also, it seems like the only way to escape the paradigm.

You can never enter the same river twice, and hail eris for that.


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