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Forum History via Photobucket

Started by Cramulus, June 26, 2018, 03:20:34 PM

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In this thread, take a scroll through, grab a random photo, and tell us its role in this forum's storied history. This will help newcomers understand our intricate forum culture and prepare for the welcome they will receive after their 50th post.

I'll get us rolling:

The Bitch Slap cards were distributed in 2009 as a part of the ill fated "OP is a spag" initiative. The cards went like hotcakes, because people believed they would be entitled to slap someone else. In truth, the card gives people permission to slap its holder. I left my house on Monday, April 29th, and was slapped in the face nine times, by strangers, who read this forum for some reason.

This image was part of the HIMEOBS propaganda initiative. HIMEOBS was a cabal within the forum around 2006-2008, it is an acronym that stands for the Heralds of Important Men's Explanations Of Bull Shit. HIMEOBS was like the forums welcome-committee, it greeted new Filthy Forumites and answered their questions earnestly. They would sometimes mail newbies a gift of fresh fruit or hand picked flowers. The above caption represents a time that Ten Ton Mantis was bitten by a handsnake, and then we adopted it as the forum mascot and it fed candy it until it developed diabetes and violently exploded.

The inventor of Clippy was a member of this forum briefly in 2008. IIRC he was depressed because Clippy was not liked by the public, and frequently threatened to go "Ann Hero" (an old in-joke representing the heroic and noble sacrifices of a martyr named Ann). He shared this screenshot with the forum to ask us for advice. He was subsequently banned.


A point of clarification:

HIMEOBS does not exist.

And, it's pronounced "HIM-EE-AHBZ".



Capeditiea that is how it's pronounced.
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Quote from: Doktor Howl on September 05, 2018, 10:21:16 PM
It was fucking horrible.  Do not trust your younger self.


As you can see, the above is a rare original print by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the painting in question is called "The Hunters in the Snow"

QuoteThe Hunters in the Snow (Dutch: Jagers in de Sneeuw), also known as The Return of the Hunters, is a 1565 oil-on-wood painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The Northern Renaissance work is one of a series of works, five of which still survive, that depict different times of the year. The painting is in the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria. This scene is set in the depths of winter during December/January.

As to the hunters by appearances the outing was not successful; the hunters appear to trudge wearily, and the dogs appear downtrodden and miserable. One man carries the "meager corpse of a fox" illustrating the paucity of the hunt. In front of the hunters in the snow are the footprints of a rabbit or hare - which has escaped or been missed by the hunters. The overall visual impression is one of a calm, cold, overcast day; the colors are muted whites and grays, the trees are bare of leaves, and wood smoke hangs in the air. Several adults and a child prepare food at an inn with an outside fire. Of interest are the jagged mountain peaks which do not exist in Belgium or Holland.

The landscape itself is a flat-bottomed valley (a river meanders through it) with jagged peaks visible on the far side. A watermill is seen with its wheel frozen stiff. In the distance, figures ice skate, play hockey with modern style sticks and curl on a frozen lake; they are rendered as silhouettes.

Most of Bruegel's landscape and genre painting follows in the broad tradition of Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516). Thus his art is rarely if ever devoid of religious significance. The meaning of Hunters in the Snow is simply that the man himself is a powerless entity, of no consequence, who is at the mercy of the natural seasons and rhythms of the year. The implication is, that only faith in the Creator and the natural (divine) order can bring us meaning and comfort. This is a low-key example of religious art, which - like a good deal of Netherlandish art of the 16th and 17th century - provides a very ordinary (even secular) setting, for its message.
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Quote from: Cramulus on June 26, 2018, 03:33:02 PM
I pronounce it "High-Moobs"

Which of course is short for High Man Boobs.

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The Society Harping on About Reckless Transformation cabal (SHART), known for taking entirely too seriously the notion of Discordian magickz, were widely mocked for unsuccessfully using bullshit ceremonial magic to do stupid things, then pretending they all had it under control when it inevitably failed to work. In the one instance their rituals worked, they harnessed the power of elemental Sweet to turn an entire valley into rich, chocolatey goodness. The chocolate was eaten by animals within hours, and the valley today is indistinguishable from a clearcutting.


Back around 2007 the forum briefly found christ, in his infant form, before suddenly and inexplicably losing him again and their immortal souls in the process

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This makes me realize it's too bad Tacitus didn't have access to Photobucket when he recorded his Histories.

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ha ha ha this seems like a fun caper let me just click a random link from that list and

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