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#TheGame23 Mod 42.5

Started by Timóteo Pinto, July 19, 2018, 10:08:31 PM

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Timóteo Pinto

Interactions inside our Memetic Surreal-Machine contribute to your personal entropic noise. This information is spun into Incoherence Yarns that are then threaded through your profiles, making your analytics as absurd and noisy as possible. We make the future's Wiggle Room. The Less accurate a predictive model of you = the less control others have. So make your profile larger, weirder.

Interactions inside our Memeplex of the Strange, generates a reflexive symbiosis between the creative genius of each individual and the random chaosphere generated by the Ouroboros Engine. All while surrounded by a diverse group of supportive Seekers, equally determined to hack into the stifling reality of the mundane and set it alight with technicolor fairy fire.

When you contribute to the Ouroboros' collective entropic noise you gain freedom. In a world of targeted adds, predictive crime analytics and government profiling of everyone, the Datataplex uses Hypersigil technology to interweave your electronic footprint with the random, chaotic and absurd errata gathered by our fnordic engines and dataskimmers from all over cyberspace.

The Dataplex Ouroboros is designed to create the breathing room you need to realize your loftiest goals, both in the mundane and the occult, mystical worlds.


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A Call to Weirdness – Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.



i don't have anything to add except A+ good thread would read again.

"a real smart feller, he felt smart"

Timóteo Pinto