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New RAW book is out

Started by Cramulus, January 22, 2019, 03:02:36 PM

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QuoteFor over a decade (1987-1997), Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of the Illuminatus! trilogy and author of The Cosmic Trigger, published a quarterly newsletter, Trajectories: The Journal of Futurism and Heresy, full of original articles, unpublished fiction and outrageous opinion. The 1994 book Chaos and Beyond collected the best essays from the first ten issues of the newsletter; this sequel, Beyond Chaos and Beyond, preserves the best of the final issues, including an excerpt from RAW's unfinished sequel to Illuminatus!, transcripts of audio and video issues, and transcripts of the several videos featuring RAW produced specifically for his globe-girdling fan base.

Additional material includes a rare 1977 interview with RAW; a major essay on Philip K. Dick, as well as RAW's comments from a PKD documentary; transcripts of RAW's 1978 PBS appearances discussing The Prisoner; and a 30,000-word essay by the editor detailing his 30-plus-year association with Wilson.

Beyond Chaos and Beyond is essential reading for hardcore fans of Robert Anton Wilson's extraordinary work and life.


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chaotic neutral observer

I haven't read anything by Robert Anton Wilson.

Is it worth it to hunt down a copy of Illuminatus, or is it just a historical curiosity at this point?
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I personally really enjoyed Illuminatus, but you need to be in the mood for goofy hippie writing.


He hits some people in a profound way. I find his method of thinking really healthy, and contact with it helps me stay open and creative.

Illuminatus! blew my mind, but when I read it, I was a teenager in the ideal state of receptivity. Whatever transcendent work you encounter at age 16 is gonna leave a mark. It is goofy, on purpose, but it does have its moments.

If you're not into wacky joycean hippie fiction, some of Wilson's "How to Operate Your Brain" style writing may land better, like Prometheus Rising. Or Cosmic Trigger if you're more into the UFO and Occult strain of thought. He's kind of like a more cautious Timothy Leary.

chaotic neutral observer

Thanks, "Prometheus Rising" seems more my style.
Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando.


That's usually my book of choice by RAW.  "Widow's Son" and "Masks of Illuminati" are pretty good, too.  In their way.