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Peter Strange:
Sacraments and Rituals of the Discordian Society- available at

chaotic neutral observer:
Mystery meat wobsite design is very 1998.  Get with the times, man.  You aren't going to sell many pamphlets that way.

Also, I think your site a coupl typos.  If I point them out, can I have free samples?

Peter Strange:
Thatís fine, we didnít make that many pamphlets anyway. As for the typos, Iíll just contact my parents - obviously they didnít do such a good job...

chaotic neutral observer:
Okay, but if you don't give out free samples, you might find yourself having difficulty being granted a nihil obstat.

If you know what I mean.

Doktor Howl:
This is not the correct board upon which to sell things.  I can't access that page from work.  It is okay for you to put stuff up for sale, but if that's what it is, I need to move your thread.

Edit:  Disregard.  This place is fine for this.  I have shit for brains, apparently.


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