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How did you find Eris(and what did you do to her )

Started by Verthaine, April 15, 2004, 08:52:37 PM

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It is.  Until some fucking upstart turns everything on it's head in four decades.

Doktor Howl

Quote from: Verthaine on April 15, 2004, 08:52:37 PM
Even though I have been an Erisian all my life,here is the story of how I  first met Eris.This is from the "Book of Eris"
And lo,there I was,decked out in my finest gothic and leather clothing,sipping a White Russian at the bar of my favourite goth club,and contemplating the sad state of the world.I lit up a clove and turned to watch the leatherboys,gothchicks,and vampyre wannabees do bad Tai Chi on the dance floor.All of a sudden everything froze,but only I and the music was still active.A beautiful woman in black leather and rainbow colored hair appeared on the dancefloor.I couldn't keep my eyes off her.Her eyes shone like the sun.Each move of her delicate arms told the story of Creation.She walked up to me and said
"I am ERIS KALLISTI DISCORDIA.I am the Goddess of Chaos.With me all things are possible.I have come to you to teach you many things,Verthaine."
I fell on my knees and cried out "I am not worthy!" She looked at me and smile.
"All are worthy in the eyes of Chaos.Stand up,my silly goth boy,for I have something of importance to ask of you"

I stood up,and awaited with anticipation of what a goddess like Eris would ask me to do."Your wish is my command." I said.She smiled at me,and with a twinkle in her eyes she said onto me:
"Can you spare one of those clove cigarettes?"
And thus I was enlightened.

Any other testemonials out there

From a necrobumping POV, this is the very bottom of the second layer of PD.  Before this, there was only POIB & Velvet Jesus.

I mean, besides Cain and I.
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Me too.

I googled him fairly recently to see if anything new came up from other sites... sadly no. Hope he's ok.
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Very well then I contradict myself,
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Doktor Howl

Quote from: Hoopla! on October 11, 2018, 01:31:04 PM
Me too.

I googled him fairly recently to see if anything new came up from other sites... sadly no. Hope he's ok.

I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since his daughter was badly injured in Iraq.  He said at that time that he had to go, for obvious reasons.
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I've got a print copy of the Book of Chaos And It's Virtues. (Oh Eris, How I hate that apostrophe)

Its a great read. Not my style of Discordia, but I appreciate that old St. Vincent was drinking from the source.

I was in New Orleans last weekend... raised a glass to him, wherever he is.