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Armageddon MUD

Started by Fujikoma, April 19, 2019, 01:00:42 AM

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Ok, imagine, a text-based game, set in a dark sun-ish universe. Imagine this game, as a feature, has permadeath, and roleplaying is enforced. Imagine the admins had the good sense to ban me three times before finally deciding it wasn't worth the hassle... it's true, staff have made a lot of mistakes, but after countless conflicts, they've gotten somewhat better... ok, maybe, a LOT better.

This game, is fun. It may be some DIKU mud codebase but the staff really care about it, as do the long-time players. This keeps this old frankenstein's monster up and chugging, and keeps fans actually rooting for the monster instead of for the Doctor, who really wouldn't know what to do if he caught the monster anyway. The monster knows this, why is he running? I think it's just because the monster craves the attention of his father-figure, is intelligent, and knows this is the best way to get it. Mary Shelley was a freaking genius. Anyway, wait...

Ok, so this game can be, a bit intimidating. You have to study the lore, come up with a character, and a background story, and hope it gets approved. Usually, it will. Staff don't usually go over these things with a fine-toothed comb, but they can, and will, if they feel a need to. If it's your first time playing, they'll kindly help you make things fit. If you ought to know better? They'll shit on your face. This is fine, the staff run a rather good campaign despite a few glaring fuckups and upset players. I know because I'm one of those upset players.

This is before  you enter the game, when your character is approved, you can't talk about fight club, with anyone, unless you seriously trust them to be a good roleplayer despite the knowlege you gave them. EVERYTHING is trying to kill you. Everything. Even your friends. Even your bestest buddy you've known for years. OOC collaboration is discouraged, and for good reason. You will create a memorable character, adorable, you will love them, and then, by virtue of not gaining levels and having the same shitty hitpoints they started with, they will be eaten by a giant lizard. Amen.

THIS game, happens to be one of my all-time favorites. I bought a machine to handle high end games, and I end up playing this fucking MUD on it. Seriously, do not try it, it will eat your soul.

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