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DISLIB - the Discordian Library

Started by Cramulus, May 02, 2019, 02:36:52 PM

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These cats are archiving Discordian writings

Eris bless them all (but not more than they can handle)

Al Qədic

Gosh, I remember immediately bookmarking that when I found it in some much older thread here. The DISLIB is an amazing place. Not to detract from their amazing, much more extensive, work, but I came across a cute-looking site with a smaller handful of assorted texts and posters.
There is no reason to,
Be ashamed of poetry. It,
Is natural. But you should,
Still do it in private,
And wash your hands afterward.

Saint Tuesday

That's just a proxy to the gopher site. is the main webpage and gopher:// is the actual gopher link. Lastly, the I've got my own proxy running at which is way cool, you know, because it's mine.