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« on: May 28, 2019, 09:21:15 pm »
a little too loudly as he walked into the diner getting dragged into the back by coffee, hashbrowns and burgers

ONLY HERE FOR THE ____ he said

we dont know much more of what he said because he vanished into the mists having found an enlightenment, the last of the free discordians, his name is Robert Budd Dwyer and in his nirvana he built his silver city and in the middle a feathered serpent held court and from heaven and hell he received his dream, a false dream but his dream nonetheless and he went out into the world to preach

but how does a discordian preach?

social manipulation?
be the dude with the sign?
charity drives?
learn to tattoo, abduct people, cover them in golden apples and release them?

he came upon a quaint little town filled with boutique shops, shabby chic ten years too late, housewives blind on prescription meds and moved into a house down by the river. he opened up the way to his backyard and made a quaint little store in the shed where he also made cute small signs, inscribed with inspiring sentences such as

Don't be perplexed at different realities!
Reality is the original Rorschach!
I don't know man, I didn't do it!
Emperor Norton was Right!
No hot dog buns!
Celebrate Mungday!
I want YOU to fight the curse of GREYFACE!
Why are we here?

and he preached
he preached to the housewives their husbands their gardeners making them grow his weed he preached to the poolboys and got word on which pools were nice to clean and which weren't he preached to their drivers their cats their politicians their servants their world

Everyone will always be too late