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« on: July 12, 2019, 06:22:01 pm »
Keanu Reeves rides his wave of popularity into the white house summoning the age of aquarius turning Alan Moore happy

Are we learning? Learning? Do you roll your rs do you roll with ares or are you stressed out modern life taking its toll are you still learning

I must learn the internet
I must learn to eat without meat
I must learn to tell unimportant lies, not the lies that matter and ingrain  themselves in cultures like grownups telling children they're the most important thing in the world, telling Greta

the evolution of duality is a return to darkness when the light rots, extremes in both angles made up by us , driven by us

I must learn to drink smoothies with a superingredient
I must learn to like kale chips as a substitute for regular chips
I must learn to play streamlined pvp fpses csgo cod of the year battlefield of the year
I must learn to love children, not just those of kinship
I must learn how to multi-task

I must learn to give them space, let them breathe more dont suffocate your sentences

a vallowing in destruction we with glee detect frenzied state us unawares glimpses of a harrowing future where the harvest began with camelot

I must learn dothraki
I must learn klingon
I must learn minbari
I must learn to cope with the fact that this isn't me when I'm 22 only 15 years later
I must learn how to get in shape for the summer because we're all shallow

I must learn to fight my gamers addiction
I must learn to love all the people
I must learn to balance work and play
I must not forget how to dance

even though my shoes are too tight

I must learn sailfish
I must learn everything
I must learn nothing
I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve
I must learn to be wise like austen, jane

I do not know her face but it feels sickening the sun is scorching and we feel ill it feels like an end like we are getting nearer closer to a core of sorts like were trampling someones garden and there they stand adam and eve and before their mouths move they transfer all they have seen or learned throughout the ages, the first man and the first woman how many times they rebooted that franchise thinking the answer was in the seed while weight should have been lent to current generations, the rot should be the core of our two dimensional narrative fetish
the children should be kings once more, a return to the lord of the flies

LLLLLLLLLllllllllord lloigor lo

I must learn that hate is love and love is hate
too soon is a little too late and we know what everyone will always be
go Keanu go
Everyone will always be too late