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Taquito Dogs


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Its summer. Its hot, so its time to eat food thats even hotter like those spicy gas station taquitos that melt my frostbitten third eye and leave the watery residue in my mouth to quench thou's taquito's fires and

The spiciest taquitos available at the gas station because if I made my own taquitos I would have to learn how first and I cannot be guaranteed my taquitos will be safe or taquitos.

Line the deepest crevice of the heck bog bun with a white spread. Sour cream is the standard, mayonnaise, tzatziki.:wink:.?, leftover stroganoff sauce.:wink:, :wink:.? chicken suprême sauce.

Insert one taquito into the primed heck bog bun.

Spread the bun just a tad, and on the sides of the taquito can put a red spread. Salsa, cocktail, marinara, strawberry sauce..? harissa warning.

By now, the taquito dog is finished. Frankly, the taquito was finished before being chastised into dog form. But you could quit now or you could not quit now. There are still other colors that would taste pretty good.

Hollandaise, or just a spilled yolk if not a poacher. Gravy? Pesto? The spring onion slices leftover from making the spring onion oil sauce? Kale chips? Cellary?

I have read of indigo milky caps and their use in making blue and green sauces. Who knows? Maybe indigo milky caps make a good sauce.



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