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Cattle Mutilating is back.

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Doktor Howl:

--- Quote ---Colby Marshall, vice president of the Silvies Valley Ranch that owned the bulls, has another theory: “We think that this crime is being perpetuated by some sort of a cult.”
--- End quote ---

EoC has the meat sickness on him again.

This makes me think the end times are upon us, and I take comfort in that feeling

The Johnny:

Ah, I see the Chupacabras have migrated north and have developed a fetish for cattle penis.

We dismembered the last chupacabras in the year of 2007, mostly with the use of a very big gun that shot axes. It was one of those “they thought we were mad” moments, except we were in fact mad when we ran out of axes.

Ok, fine, I admit it, it was me. Mmm, bovine penis.


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