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« on: October 09, 2019, 09:58:55 pm »
i apologize (this is post no. 2, otherwise forget about it) if there's a already a thread for this. i didn't see one suitable on the first page and for sure wasn't going through all 28

"Die Maskerade

The face of faces fashioned
A linguistic blade that made me multiple
I did not then recognize it as a gift
As the tantō made just for my belly
Eternity became temporary
My name tag said "the cypress tree in front of the hall"
Making me master of the ball
Le bal masqué
I had boundless masks in my back pocket!
I donned the grin even though it ate shit
The familiar face; they came, they went
They left me naked on the dance floor
I danced with dozens but they were not them

After the eternal moment
The happy song in the air opened it's mouth
And swallowed me whole into it's belly
And i saw the sorrow in it's center
The knowing of the temporary
And it's futile, mandatory mask of ecstasy
Masking the inevitable
The fadeout
And i saw it was a lullaby
Created to console it's creator
An older tune from before this time
Where everyone says they wish to die
While being deathly afraid of dying

Then the ass of the cosmic joke
Welled up from within my center, from without
And opened my mouth and shook my belly
With laughter as loud as one hand smacking
The heads of the woke clean off their necks
The ballroom spun, the faces faded into the one
Divine profane doppelganger
The first face
There is no contradiction in saying
There is no god and god is everything
I am alone, i am the crowd
They came, they went; the sound of water
Zen and the art of taking a shit"