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Cosmic Trigger 1 and epic dreams

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Recently, I re-read Cosmic Trigger 1, and I re-experienced "epic dreams": dreams that seem to last for hours or even days, with a coherent plot line (most of which I immediately forgot upon waking). Something in that book -- it doesn't work for 2 or 3 -- activates some circuits, and I want to narrow down which part it is.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience with CT1, or even any of RAW's books?

That's a narrow catagory, I've had dreams that last hours when I've only been asleep for minutes. I've also had nested dreams. Never one about RAW. I'm unsure what you're asking but I frequently lucid dream, and when I'm not lucid dreaming I'm surrounded by dead relatives who are being unconditionally nice to me for once. I have nightmares on occasion but that typically triggers lucid dreaming which means I can turn all the guns into angry geese or something similar.

I do believe there is more to dreaming than is commonly believed. Einstein thought so too, with his weird metal plate and spoon experiments.

Many of the 8CM writings can lead to deep introspection and self analysis. This creates lots of material which needs to be processed.

Doktor Howl:
I dreamed I was holding a fish.  In my hands.

Like so?


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