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Merry Mungday 3186


So how are we fellow discordians celebrating mungday ? I feel like my failed tradition of mungbean casserole is better updated with some kind of random walking in the woods, if I didn't have a 3yr old to tag-a-long I might "try" to get lost but yeah, it's coldish and perhaps watching documentaries on taoism and mourning the spirit of the extinct fresh-water dolphin would also make sense. Sitting in the gray void of Ohio, I just saw a brief ray of light shine through the clouds.

This morning I am reflecting on the circuit formed between my individual consciousness and internet media, and the high-key emotional momentum that just fuckin blasts you as soon as you connect to it. Especially potent this week, with all the destructive potential energy. And I'm trying to decide how much information I need about things I cannot personally affect, and how the emotional state seeks to perpetuate itself.

We live in a world gone mad.

And I am thinking about how for large chunks of European history, if the king didn't make war on neighboring kingdoms, the people would consider him weak and he would lose power. And how the crowd cheered for torture and public executions--they felt it necessary to maintain public order, and were fun to watch. And the moon arcs over the horizon like a slow rocket, pulling the tide along with it.

For sure, I think I am numbed to it, in theory we could all have some impact on events but hardly in a direct way nd our time and energy is limited. Imagine though if we heard news of events happening on planets light years away. We would detach because we had to. Never heard that particular take on European history before, I wonder who the people were because most narratives would be written from the perspective of those in power. Either way itís important to selectively filter the way we perceive the world because we donít all need to act as sewer filters.


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