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Baltshazzar the Unhinged:
Long time alley lurker, first time pin-up poster.

I represent a group (or anti-group) of creatures who are playing with the balance between collectivism and individuality, art and reality, micro and macro and whatnot. What started on a night of acid, listening to KLF, and reading sections of the Principia, slowly evolved, from a concept unifying malcontents, non-conformists, beatniks, hermits and recluses through creative endeavours and Operation Mindfuck, into the loose band of hippies, rappers, box-kite enthusiasts, homeless folk, festival goers, and many other types of fringe dwellers, who all carry ASN membership cards today. Most of these folk are scattered through Melbourne, where the ASN began...

This is us announcing ourselves to the world. We have songs, art, magic and memes to share. And we need every Discordian who follows the premise to bring their influence to what we're doing because we've only just begun and it's an evolving concept.

I don't need to tell the Discordian faithful that this not for profit disorganisation I'm about to give you a link to, is more or less a type of Discordian cabal that has emerged by the will of none of the people who are involved. Believe me, no one really planned it this way. With every synchronicity that has led us to this moment, the presence of Goddess has become more and more apparent to some of the less initiated of the network. So it's about time you see what the ASN is all about before we start making more records, and paintings. It's only fair that you guys get in on the ground floor as far as cyberspace goes, fnord.


Hi there! It seems you or someone in your circle is a very bad person. In summary, I want nothing to do with this and I expect no one else will either. Observe:

--- Quote from: ASN FAQ ---“If a tree fell in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” – If 6 million people got killed in a war in a jungle in Africa would anyone ever know about it?

--- End quote ---

Got “6 million” Nazi dog whistling AND completely independent and unrelated racism on top of that. You have it all!

I had the feeling it was terrible from the start, the writing was too *channy, but you guys really stuck your whole ass out there, didn’t you? No thank you.

tyrannosaurus vex:
So.... an irreligious disorganization dedicated to promoting nothing in particular for reasons both obscure and monotonous, with a liberal helping of intentional and overwrought fnordism. Where there is nothing to say, no one to say it, and no one in the audience anyway, so if course it must be said loudly and on single-track repeat mode. Lots of 5s and 23s apparently because that's what's expected and the general message is "I don't want to be here so I have come to tell you about it."

I'm afraid the ASN has all the trappings of self-defeating (as opposed to creative) contradiction. Also the meme magic business is a bit too 4chan Wizard for my taste.

Baltshazzar the Unhinged:
Cheers guys. I knew you would get it. Oh, and the 6 million dead reference... I guess you aint read 2023 yet.

Frontside Back:
I hate it when old things disguise as new things. Makes finding the next step sooo annoying.


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