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Letters to Myself
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:02:30 pm »
Dear Doktor Howl,

Stop placing value on people who do not value you.  This is distracting you from:

1.  Giving enough attention to people who DO value you, and
2.  The destruction of all life on Earth.

This is important, even if the lack of expressed value is casual or unthinking, rather than actively hostile.  Not because you're pissed, but just because they don't value you.  I mean, you can still be pissed, but you know what I mean.  Maybe try some affirmations:

"I'm bad enough, I'm sexy enough, and gosh darn it, ALL HUMANS MUST BE KILLED.

"Every day in every way, I will optimize my own personal demise.  I might not be the best human being that ever lived, but I will not go out face down in a pile of poop."

"Every cough, every tickle at the back of my throat could be coronavirus, and maybe I should attend Trump rallies, because SHARING is CARING."

 If affirmations don't work, of course, there is always "laughing at the misfortunes of others" and "Schadenfreude isn't just a river in Germany" and ALSO "I am not a Christian, so I don't have to love my enemies.  In fact, I am supposed to burn their city down and end civilization for 1000 years.  It's kind of right there in the book."

Remember when you thought chaos was something happy?  Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Okay for now,
Molon Lube

The Wizard Joseph

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Re: Letters to Myself
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2020, 04:42:35 pm »
 :mittens: :mittens:

I particularly like the affirmation bits.
You can't get out backward.  You have to go forward to go back.. better press on! - Willie Wonka, PBUH

Life can be seen as a game with no reset button, no extra lives, and if the power goes out there is no restarting.  If that's all you see life as you are not long for this world, and never will get it.

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"World domination is such an ugly phrase. I prefer to call it world optimisation."
 - Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality :lulz:

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