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The Wizard Joseph:
This thread and topic originated in the Trump Hilarity thread. Things are no longer hilarious. This thing is definitely going to do some game changing damage. Rumors of an engineered origin are unsubtantiated but because of the unusual symptom spectrum and infection rate as well as the not entirely uncertain possibility of post symptomatic latency infection and reoccurrance I cannot discard the possibility at this time. I very much wish I could, but this thing is WEIRD for a coronavirus and quite destructive out of all proportion.

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--- Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on February 28, 2020, 07:54:40 pm ---Well, there was a report of someone in Japan who tested positive twice.  I suspect that she either wasn't cured completely, or someone messed up the labwork, but an intermittently lethal virus that humans can't develop a long-term immunity to would be a pretty neat doomsday weapon.

If it doesn't get you the first time, just wait for the next go-around!

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I was just reading about this.  Coronavirus immunity doesn't last very long.

But it's not THAT short.  The test was bad?

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Quite possibly. Or whatever chemical signature they were looking for was still present post-symptoms

There is a small but real chance it remains dormant in the system post-symptoms, if so it just might reemerge symptomaticly later like impetigo, even be infectious asymptomatic like. This is not my opinion, but if more double positive tests occur it would be a... Bad indication.

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It's much worse than I thought. It causes damage to various organs and systems in a very unpredictable symptom presentation. Incubation ~5 days, 4-7 range reported, coronaviruses can range from 2-14.

A range like that makes it extremely difficult to track from site to site, and I suspect we'll be unable to keep track at all very soon because we already have tertiary cases.

Virus rna shows up in various discharges and fluids as well as active viruses, rna may be detected for weeks after. If folks are testing positive well after symptom cessation this is hopefully why. If they are STILL testing positive for rna a month from now it means they are still producing waste rna. That STRONGLY would imply that the virus is still replicating and infectious. By the time we know it WILL be far too late. If it's still replicating post symptoms it DEFINITELY has a REAL chance of a completely different symptom presentation as it enters otherwise protected systems. It would build up in the body over time potentially breaching the blood-brain barrier. I shudder to think what this fucker would very likely do to your mostly defenseless grey matter.

Cain you said that a bioweapon that presents only a nasty flu would be a let down... If you read the symptom spectrum it's NOT THE FLU BUDDY!

This one is a monster and if it does what my worst fear here implies... It just might be engineered, at first, but will heavily mutate over time into SEVERAL or even DOZENS of unique strains in relatively short order. It may be debilitating, deadly, prolific, and ultimately incurable. I've made a LOT of humanity killers in Plague Inc. This thing has all the right stuff not to wipe out, but to suppress a whole culture with illness and death at great medical cost in what will soon be an environment of limited supply. Stock up on hand sanitizer, masks, and impermeable gloves. They may not save you, but they will soon be very valuable trade goods.

I give it 4 months at a guess, then the political rallies become a deathbed, and they're feeding the idiots dangerous propaganda already, intentionally.

Fuck I hope I'm wrong and this will pass by then, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. The infection control protocol is basically a medical space suit right down to full facial eye protection. This thing is very upsetting in the best case scenario. The worst case, if I'm right about the latency period and a second symptom expression in the brain, would seem to me a perfect storm by design or chance.

It will make no difference which.

what's interesting about this case is that, now that nobody trusts the government (especially the Chinese government) nobody is sure how much panic is appropriate.

this video is worth a watch and provides some good perspective

of course - it was produced by someone who appears to be chinese.  is it just chinese propaganda? 

The Wizard Joseph:
This is an article with charts showing various economic effects of the virus in China so far. 

The effect on the US under current conditions will be quite dramatic and along these lines. I have not yet taken the time to analyze the charts, but when I get a chance I'll give my opinions.

There's more

This was just yesterday, one single day. The markets reopen on Monday. Expect more, probably much more. If the US descends into crisis, and this is very likely, the bond market will break as 0 confidence of repayment soars. The US could go broke or even have its economy bought like a Rothschild fire sale. Either way the military complex we support will break down and possibly factionalize. Many super weapons may hit the black market as factions seek funds. It could get pretty fucking bad.

I hate to say this, but bitcoin is sitting at a record low around 8600 and can be traded in for most currencies. Bitcoin would be a wise investment, even just a few if you can. As currency markets drop the cryptocurrency market will rise dramatically. If you just can't stand cryptocurrency on some sort of moralistic grounds shorting the dollar will also work. Failing that strike high valueoptions contracts if you can with long terms of execution. As the currencies drop these will be worth small and not so small fortunes.

This post does not constitute licenced advisement of any sort. Do consider getting ahold of a professional financier to discuss things and execute transactions.

If you are poor buy bottles of Everclear, durable shop towels and regular paper. You will need to do a lot of sanitizing on the cheap. Look into the trade goods listed above. Get a weapon if you can and learn to use it properly. Stay in touch with friends but only meet if absolutely necessary for safety.

At a certain point of infection saturation handling unsanitized cash will become risky. Wear gloves if you don't know it's clean for a fact. Keep it in a sealed container. A few hours of direct sunlight should work if you have no other means of sanitization. Expose both sides. Expect lots of desperate people in the US with plenty of guns and good reason not to let you get within 12 feet.

More as things progress.
Hope for the best.
Expect the worst.

The Wizard Joseph:

--- Quote from: rong on February 29, 2020, 04:06:10 pm ---what's interesting about this case is that, now that nobody trusts the government (especially the Chinese government) nobody is sure how much panic is appropriate.

this video is worth a watch and provides some good perspective

of course - it was produced by someone who appears to be chinese.  is it just chinese propaganda?

--- End quote ---
No panic is appropriate.
Much panic will happen.
This isn't China's plot,
If there is one at all.
You fail to fully grasp
The fullness of the situation.
Not tryna dis you,
But keep studying.

i'm one of the american citizens with plenty of guns - and my nearest neighbors are 100 acres away.

i fully expect to get sick as I have kids in school tho.

i have what i think is a reasonable cache of food stored up and my chickens poop out more eggs everyday.

the stock market looks like it may be done with it's initial panic as yesterday it was pretty flat.

i agree it's not wise to be over confident, but i also think it may be being blown out of proportion.

Do you think there is any merit to the notion that the disease disproportionately affects asians due to their genetic predisposition to have more ACE-2 receptors or something to that effect?

for anectdotal evidence, my american friend that lives in shanghai is reporting that things are getting better and people are going back to work on a limited basis.  my american friend that lives in japan has reported that schools are closing down - for up to a month. 

my cheap chinese doohickey that I ordered off amazon January 19th arrived in the mail a couple days ago (5 weeks)


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