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The Wizard Joseph:
Watched the video.
It's pure sophistry.
The infection rate
Rises way too fast
To even swine flu.
Then they show you death,
Death of every kind.
And it puts the spike
In back of your mind.
I think it means to
Kill us by means of
False comparative,
Fatal Deception.

well that's a bummer

The Wizard Joseph:

--- Quote from: rong on February 29, 2020, 05:40:58 pm ---well that's a bummer

--- End quote ---
Yeah. I figure that if the second presentation thing comes to pass I need to be ready for it, so I must plan and organize like it will. I really tired of this heavy death trip I seem to be on. Now by reading a technical document I mostly understand and seeing the data I am forced to inform and act, but it must be done wisely. Godspeed everyone. I'll keep digging tomorrow.


--- Quote ---Do you think there is any merit to the notion that the disease disproportionately affects asians due to their genetic predisposition to have more ACE-2 receptors or something to that effect?
--- End quote ---

The disease is also reported to disproportionately affect smokers. It's worth noting that China, in particular, has a LOT of smokers. Male smoking rates in South Korea are also usually high by the standards of developed economies. It's also been reported that men are more easily infected than women, and in both countries it is mostly men who smoke.

It's not definitive, of course, but it is an interesting data point.

chaotic neutral observer:

--- Quote from: The Wizard Joseph on February 29, 2020, 04:39:26 pm ---I hate to say this, but bitcoin is sitting at a record low around 8600 and can be traded in for most currencies. Bitcoin would be a wise investment, even just a few if you can. As currency markets drop the cryptocurrency market will rise dramatically.

--- End quote ---
Bitcoin doesn't seem to have figured out if it wants to be a currency, a long-term investment, or a store of value.  Aside from its built-in liquidity problems, I'm not convinced there's an outcome where I'm better off holding a USB-key worth of bitcoins rather than a wallet full of coloured paper.

Gold has some of the same problems (and advantages) as bitcoin, but it isn't dependent on third-party unregulated infrastructure to be traded, and is less susceptible to blinking out of existence.  (Not that I'm rushing out to buy bullion, either).

--- Quote ---If you just can't stand cryptocurrency on some sort of moralistic grounds shorting the dollar will also work.

--- End quote ---
Short the dollar against what?


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