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I've picked infusing back up while on corona-cation and I gotta say, it was a good decision. I mostly have been using vodka as a base bc, once you steep the botanicals enough to pull out the rubbing alcohol aspect, it makes for a delightfully neutral and smooth base.

What I use is American, by-volume, measurements. I usually eyeball my amounts and it's easier to convert them to volume and I don't have my scale laying around atm. My apologies to those of you who used civilized measurements lol.

As a note to anytime interested in trying this themselves, using cheap vodka is fine (I have historically used Amsterdam) but you WILL want a smoother one for more delicate botanicals like flowers and herbs. Svedka is a great option imo.

Also, I'd be happy to post the recipes for the cocktails I've been making with these.

Hibiscus/Jamaica vodka: this one you can't oversteep. I usually use about three quarters of a cup to a cup of flowers for two pints/four cups of vodka. Steep for a couple hours minimum - it's fine when it's a deep, rich pink. Good with mint, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger, and lime in particular (not necessary all combined).

Rose: get thee food grade dried rose petals. Jam a cup of them in a container and pour in 4 cups of vodka. Let it steep 4-5 days. Good with vanilla, green cardamom, raspberry, and lemon.

Citron: I used a Buddha's hand bc I picked one up for a steal but any citron is fine. You'll want a big container and lots of time. It took a week to be ready and you can just leave the thing in there afterwards ime. Mint, basil, strawberry, etc etc are all bomb as fuck.

Orange flower: get a fuck ton of buds and pinch them off just above the base - make sure the green thing inside the flower doesn't make it in if you're using a somewhat older bud. Dump them in a jar and add a smooth vodka. I think I used about half a cup to a pint of vodka and let it sit for 4 days. To this, I'd probably just add a bit of sugar and soda water.

Mango: I did two infusions with this myself - one with frozen fruit bc I'm lazy and one with fresh.
I would also recommend doing the infusion I'm the fridge to prevent the fruit from oxidizing. Get 2 very ripe mangos and cut them up. Dump the fruit in two cups of vodka and let sit for probably about a week before running it through a coffee filter. Good with chamoy, orange, mint, strawberries, etc.

Jasmine green tea: three tea bags to two pints vodka. Let sit for a couple hours. Best with mint imo.

Green cardamom and lavender: DO NOT crush the pods unless you enjoy v menthol-y flavors and use food grade lavender. I think I used about 6 pods and a tablespoon of lavender to half a cup of vodka. Four days is plenty but let it sit for a bit after you filter it so it becomes more floral.

Black cardamom: I used a gold tequila here but you could probably use any kind. Black cardamom is even more menthol-y than green and I would recommend against crushing the pods. A third of a cup of whole pods to two cups vodka. Let it sit for a day and a half to two days before fishing out the pods. I'd run it through a coffee filter. The result is smoky with oak notes on top of the better part of the tequila flavor without the edge. Fig, jalapeno, and black tea are all great with it and it would probably be bitchin' in a bloody Maria.

I'm also making a bastard/compound gin but that's still processing. I'll post that recipe when it's done.

Those all sound great -- I'm not a vodka drinker but it sounds like you mitigate the rubbing alchohol taste..

I had a friend who used to make people custom liquor infusions and blends for their birthdays. Would also do a little graphic design and make a custom sticker for the bottle - always seemed like a really cool hobby.

The Wizard Joseph:
I'm a BIG fan of coffee infusions, particularly tequila and rum. this is fascinating and my inner mixologist would kill to sample your work.

oh yeah, all I've got on hand at the moment is a big bottle of bacardi silver. What should I infuse it with?

The Wizard Joseph:

--- Quote from: Cramulus on April 09, 2020, 01:59:08 pm ---oh yeah, all I've got on hand at the moment is a big bottle of bacardi silver. What should I infuse it with?

--- End quote ---

Vanilla coke and a hint of honey. I usually use a dark rum for my special rum and coke, but the honey is the secret.


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