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Ahktually I'll be posting about the gins as I go and will actually be taking photos of the next couple infusions (rose and mango again, and honeysuckle).

I'm making an herbal gin and a floral one. Both started with about 1 1/2c vodka and I mashed up about 2 tbsp juniper berries up - less vigorously for the floral one - and let them sit overnight. Filtered out the berries through a coffee filter (I gotta get a nut milk bag, I swear) and dropped in 3 uncracked green cardamom pods.

I let it sit overnight before fishing them out. Next time, I'll go with one, I think.

I am using what I already have as much as possible, and I happen to have hummingbird sage and a blood orange tree. Any fruity sage would be an excellent replacement, I think, and kaffir lime leaves might be fun as a substitute. I picked half a young leaf each and cut them in half. After this, I think they're going to start going their separate ways in terms of botanicals.

Odibex Grallspice:
I've only drunk gin for millennia, but Rock Town vodka is a cheap, clean base for stuff.

We don’t do or imbue “super alcoholics.” I did like some blue lotus wine once, and there’s still a thimble of some Christmasy squidge that could use rinse somewheres. Otherwise, it’s all vinegar kombucha tea and that other water lacto fermented stuff (?) with some raisins tossed in. Because austerity wins wars or something.


I’m all jelly cause I’m not drinking (virtue signal warning) so experimenting with other fermentation methods yielding more bubbles than alcohol.

Still infused so technically counts


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