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Mama Rona


The Wizard Joseph:
One of the duties/privileges of being a pope is making new "spirits" as necessary to bettering humanity and in the pursuit of lulz. There are no lulz in Mama Rona. She exists to scare the shit out of you until you act right. She is what I call an animeme, a spirit with a meme initial origin/vector, but that will over time grow and change on its own. I have seeded her throughout various of my FB groups with the following text.

--- Quote ---"I present an anthropomorphic personification of the Novel Coronavirus Named Mama Rona! Mama Rona is horrible, deadly, but fair. She takes whomever she pleases. She passes below the gaze of the sage and the scientist. Her hand against children is light, yet from them she may touch you and be... unkind. Wear a mask and she may pass you by, but she might not. Be clean and she will be appeased, but that's no guarantee. But IF you act right, encourage others to act right, she will take less, and one fine day pass on by."
--- End quote ---

As I add new memes and images to spread I will update and collate them here. If I, hopefully, start to find memes/write-ups that I did not do then she will have come of age and be her own being.

The Wizard Joseph:
I have finished seeding Mama Rona into various groups and FB pages relating to "magic", memes, Discordianism, absurdism, spirituality, and other miscellaneous concepts. Had several folks talk to me about building an Egregore. They liked the concept a bit TOO MUCH, but that was my exact intent. As she expands into more and more fertile minds her essential message of PPE and clean behavior will grow exponentially with each new fanatic, whatever their particular motivation. Time and persistence will tell, but based on the initial reaction to the seeding, she's gonna stick around and be running on her own in no time.

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