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Happy DiscoFlux

Started by metapunk, May 03, 2020, 01:21:51 PM

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It is DiscoFlux and I wanted to celebrate it, but I haven't really gotten any plans. Probably my fondest DiscoFlux memory was explaining to someone that it was DiscoFlux and what it meant in the middle of a dance party in a loft above an old furniture store in Chicago after helping to arrange a protest against the TABD where despise their being hoards of riot cops with intent to assault everyone only one person was arrested (a friend of mine who was falsely accused of punching a horse even). The floors were shaking there were so many people jumping, at some point I remember thinking that we might cause the building to collapse. Today I was thinking it would be fun to do some kind of virtual DiscoFlux celebrating but I'm also just glad that I even remembered it was DiscoFlux and have made no preparations whatsoever.


The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) defines the ABBA as the standard unit for measuring DiscoFlux

1 ABBA = (1 shakin booty)/(1 m2 of dancefloor)

in the United States, the BG (BeeGee) is often used and simply calculated in terms of ft2 instead of m2
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Odibex Grallspice

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Brother Mythos

Have a Delightful Discoflux in the YOLD 3190!

Yes, that Hodge and Podge, Yin and Yang thing is happening again. Confusion is slowly growing in the depths of this Season of Discord. And, I'm pretty sure the customary way of celebrating this Holyday Holiday is to find some disco disks, and dance the night away. I suspect polyester leisure suits are appreciated, but entirely optional.

According to Rolling Stone you can find a notable selection of disco songs right here:   Best Disco Songs of All Time

Selection No. 5 is a surprise to me, as I never associated The Rolling Stones with disco music. But, I probably wasn't paying attention.

Hail Eris!