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No one gives a shit about the slightest fuckin thing that you think they should
Boo Hoo!
You know the score but they want more and it's a point that you can never prove
Screw you!
This empty feeling like a hole that's getting deeper as you dig away
Tough love!
And death is coming to the ones who think they'll live to fight another day
Lord above!

You flip the mirror round the whole world turns to shit just like a ricochet
Suck it up!
A million shiny uniforms all marching round in circles tryin to save the day
We're fucked!
Agreed in principle but quibble over details till it's all too late
Their law!
You talk love but you only pay attention to the ones you hate
Last straw!

With your finger on the trigger and the muzzle in your mouth
you mumble liberty and glory to the south
You talk of truth but it's just too damn hard to face
bullet in the chamber gonna put you in your place

Your house is made of paper it's about to get a visit from a wrecking ball
Break free!
Baby's in the branches but the only way to get him down is let him fall
Shake the tree!
A golden handshake from the man who makes the money from your privacy
Seventh son!
Charity begins with someone suffering in torment for the world to see
Home run!

Your bones are broken as their laughter fills the hallways of eternity
Free will!
This pretty picture painted over something ugly that's too dark to see
Speed kills!
Unanswered questions leave a trail of desperation through your jaded life
Some day!
The wound made deeper by the lies and broken promises that twist the knife
Let's pray!

With the weight of disappointment hanging heavy on your back
you double down on dissonance and ready the attack
You talk of mercy but that aint no saving grace
bullet in the chamber gonna put you in your place

that's awesome -- I read it out loud, it has a real good rhythm

Good to know. It was designed to be read in-quiet :lol:

That was gripping- those last two stanzas, fuck yeah.

Just saying that these are definitely the lyrics to a hit single by a nu metal band that doesn’t exist yet. All you need is...

a guitarist so blitzed on booze and hallucinogens all the time that their riffs sound like the fretboard is trying to slither away
a hyperactive bassist who is entirely too proud of themselves
a drummer who thinks that the only good kit has more cymbals than anything else
a keyboardist who samples car crashes and various sirens
and a vocalist with the charisma of a wild boar with a flesh eating bacterial infection and an old boar spear sticking out of its eye, and a really shitty, stop-start hip hop flow

...and you can create the next big radio hit.


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