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There's Nothing Special About You (and that's liberating as heck)

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I am a fan of Gnostic Jesus, especially from Mary Magdelene and Judas' POV (the latter because it supports Roger's "Malevolent God" theory.  Thanks for that, Cram

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: LMNO on June 23, 2020, 03:44:00 pm ---I am a fan of Gnostic Jesus, especially from Mary Magdelene and Judas' POV (the latter because it supports Roger's "Malevolent God" theory.  Thanks for that, Cram

--- End quote ---

Also, the gospel of Judas.  All it's missing is light sabers.

The Johnny:
My personal take is that this discourse is like variants of Mao and Kant, just throwing it out there for now, but i gotta jump to a videocall... idk if i should have waited, but I'll make a longer comment after.

Edit: Idk if the forum is spazzing out or its on my side, but getting correction errors, so ill comment when it stabilizes.

Frontside Back:

--- Quote from: Cramulus on June 23, 2020, 01:52:46 pm ---
My best trick to do this is to visualize a camera in the room with me, like some director is putting this scene into a movie. Try it out right now, visualize what you'd look like if this moment was a scene in a TV show. Maybe I get a precious glimpse of how I appear to others. I get a different perspective on my automatic reactions, because I'm not inside of them.

--- End quote ---

I've been studying body image disorders lately. What begins as healthy self awareness can lead to all kinds of problems when you cannot turn it off any more. Having to think all the time how you present yourself to the outside can be debilitating.

I get you are not advocating for that, but do realize the same problem can be approached from multiple directions.

The Johnny:

If i understood correctly, what "isn't special about us" is the "fact" (assumption id say), that we are all "conscious".

One could speak about it in two principal manners: A) In the sense that it's a rejection of solipsism, to signify that others exist beyond their utility for our own personal uses (which i can agree with).... and B) i dont really think people are as conscious as you would have believe, so "consciousness" is indeed something special.

So despite that i think you are speaking of point A and point B, point B seems like just a passing reference, so I wont get into that.

Now, point A I do not think follows the further points: "that nobody's happiness is more important than others"; "everyone is everyone" and that we should "try to achieve the net good for all".

 It is a very extended myth that egocentric people and psychopaths are incapable of empathy, its not that they dont "recognize the existance of others beyond soulless automatons", its that they do not give a flying fuck... some of these people, not all of course, have great social abilities, understanding other's feelings and desires, and that's how they manage to manipulate others to further their own goals. Perhaps they're synonymous terms, but empathy does not equal symphaty... knowing about someone's emotions or potential suffering does not equal feeling pain when they feel pain.

Which brings me to the next point... Ego boundaries. A fictional or historical figure such as Jesus, lacked a functioning Ego barrier (this Ego barrier theme is ad nauseum handled in Neon Genesis Evangelion, funny thing), therefore he could feel the pain of others as his own, and look where it got him, nailed to a cross like criminal scum. This very much goes in line with what Altered spoke of in the last lines of what he wrote - just because one wants to get rid of one's own Ego barrier, does not mean that others will give you the same benefit.

Now, Frontside spoke of some sort of "psychotic dynamic identification", which sounds similar, but im sticking with my idea of lack of Ego barrier, similar to what Cram was speaking of in the sense of this "Christian shared ego" (which i dont think its truly a "shared ego", but rather a "hijacked ego" which always happens in organized religion).

And finally, along the lines of Dr. Howl, which is a reaction to the subtext of your discourse but not neccesarily the explicit part... fuck you, me and everyone are special, and thinking otherwise is the path to working in a Lithium mine with zero health and safety ordenance and that's exactly the mentality that every totalitarian has. And your "working for the net good of all", fuck that noise too, i think that literally anyone that uses that line is a naive fascist at heart, thinking that they know "what is good for everyone" and with the slightest chance or power given to them they would rush to impose it upon others - to make an omelette you gotta break some eggs, right? As long as its for the greater good.


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