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--- Quote from: Suu on September 28, 2022, 03:06:16 am ---
--- Quote from: Trivial on September 27, 2022, 07:33:42 pm ---I have to search for vegan stuff because kiddo has allergies to dairy and eggs, well maybe just egg now, but whatever.

Anyway if I don't kill add tracking it gets me some of the dumbest woo shit ever.

Like "high energy water". WTF.

--- End quote ---

I've had to increase plant-based eating in the last year since my body is starting to get BIG MAD over animal proteins (this getting old shit sucks). Purple Carrot has helped immensely with meal planning, and their heat-and-eat meals do not suck.

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Ooh, I'll check those out.

Suu (parody account):
Survived hurricane. My part of Tampa sustained minimal damage and we didn't lose power. My mom lost a massive chunk of her camphor tree which took out the top of her live oak tree. My sister's birdcage over her pool survived this time, because it didn't survive Irma. Brother's house did not flood this time thanks to the reverse surge.

Squid has a lake in her front yard, but her post-Irma roof and fence held up.

We are all having a hard time getting a hold of our friends in Naples, Ft. Myers, Port Charlotte, etc, which is stressful, but the lines are pretty banged up.

chaotic neutral observer:
I didn't care for the doppler figures the systems guys eyeballed off some graph, so I incorporated some orbital mechanics into my model, instead.  I made the Earth a perfect sphere, ripped off the atmosphere, and stopped its rotation to make things easier, but the numbers should still be good to within 10%.

It turns out that low-earth-orbit satellites are spooky.  They're visible for only about 12 minutes at a time, and spend half of that flying straight for your head at over 6 km/s.  Then they miss you by a hairs-breadth, and scoot off in the other direction, laughing softly.

But the real bitch is the degree to which this movement distorts a modulated signal in a fashion that resembles time dilation.  It's not the carrier frequency drift that's the problem, it's the rapidly changing data rate.  Modems don't like that.

The speed of light isn't fast enough.  This is a third-rate universe.

Anyone who is able to help out Robyn and Liam at this time is encouraged to do so. Ran EB&G for years and lovely people.

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: lexi on October 18, 2022, 11:40:45 am ---Anyone who is able to help out Robyn and Liam at this time is encouraged to do so. Ran EB&G for years and lovely people.

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry she's sick, but not so sure about lovely people.


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