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The Misophorism Trilogy
« on: July 30, 2020, 06:04:03 am »
I was turned onto this a month or two back by a Twitter thread of Black horror authors. One man, Adam Washington, mentioned he writes “conceptual horror”, and dropped Thomas Ligotti as being in the same wheelhouse. IIRC he specifically named “The Conpsiracy Against the Human Race,” Ligotti’s antinatalist rant book.

So we’re talking philosophical horror. That’s a hell of a rarity, and one of the most beautiful things... though Ligotti’s work is tainted by his shitty agenda. Apparently this one also has something in common with House of Leaves... which is a big deal also.

Well, I had to read it. And it’s cheap.

I finally got a copy today, seeing as I have almost all the things I need in life right now and it costs less than a meal. I started reading it.

Man. Fuck. This is some hideously dark shit. I mean, it definitely has a lot of thought put into it. It was clearly written by an exceedingly clever and skilled person. But it makes ME broody and weird, and I literally live for this shit.

I don’t know who here would even want to read this, it’s practically fucking self-harm, but it’s wonderfully written and has a strong aesthetic flavor. So if you need to be incredibly depressed, self-loathing and outraged for some reason, consider this book. I can’t say you won’t regret it, but I can say you will find that you regret it less than almost anything else you have ever done in your life.
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