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CIA Declassifications in 2020

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The CIA declassified information relating to:

-Transcendental meditation
-Chakras and energetic centres in the body
-Astral Travel
-Parallel Universes
-Stargates and portals


I haven't gone through these links myself, but I thought we might have fun digging through these Weird Shit papers and seeing if we can shake anything out.

"you are not thinking, you are merely being logical"

what a great quote!

I love this CIA woo-woo bullshit. It speaks to me very strongly.

Now that it's out in the open, I have a story to tell that a few have already heard:

As a kid, a woman I will call "E" met me through an online roleplaying community. We spoke for awhile, and then she introduced me to the idea of psionics. She gave me training and background in it, which was extremely formative for me, because my family basically abandoned me to my own devices from a very young age.

There was some non-woo weird shit here, though. She was easily in her late 20s, early 30s, and I was like... 12, 13. I asked her where she was at one point because she mentioned the sun not setting for awhile (she was tired, hadn't slept) and she said "Antarctica". And then, the event.

Later on, she learned I had lied to her and manipulated her, because I was a fucked up kid. And she cut ties (as you do), along with a threat to have me eliminated (as you MIGHT, MAYBE) if I contacted her again, along with a satellite photo of my apartment building (as you definitely didn't).

This was 2002, 2003-ish? The average person could not get satellite imagery of random residences then. They sure as shit would have a hard time finding someone's address on demand (I never told her), getting a satellite image in under an hour, and sending that to you on MSN Messenger. And it's weird that an older lady would take a kid under her wing and start explaining weird woo-woo shit in great detail, encouraging exercises, all this shit. Talking about different disciplines of psionics, making reference to concepts I still can't find sources for but which were developed enough not to be wholly made up by her.

And Antarctica is not a place a normal person lives for any length of time, though I admit lies are possible there. It also isn't a place the average person would think of lying about being in, since it's well known as an inhospitable place with no long term residents other than official figures and scientists. Far easier to talk about being somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, or in a major city.

The whole thing smells like CIA or some other intelligence group trying to find a deniable, no-cost way to continue their weird bullshit after it had been defunded. Never heard anyone give me another suitable explanation, because all the easy ones get fucked over by the introduction of the satellite photo.

Funny enough, I'm actually okay with the whole thing. It's a huge part of who I am today, and if I ever should meet "E" again without dying, I owe her a drink somewhere. I'd be a perverse, toxic little gnome of a woman, taking after my garbage family, if she hadn't intervened.

chaotic neutral observer:
There are some gems in there.  On astral projection:

--- Quote ---One of the reports states that Price was given the target coordinates by phone, that he mailed his response back to SRI, and that he took about 24 hours to begin writing his description of the area.  This leaves his performance about as solid as a chunk of Swiss cheese.

--- End quote ---

Frontside Back:
"The scepters, staffs and maces carried by monarchs and high priests alike occur in such frequency in the history of bygone eras as to suggest that at the very least these items are aspects of some type of archtypical symbol which the human mind seems to appreciate, perhaps quite subliminally."


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