Author Topic: left this tab open for a while and just wrote shit when i was stoned and inspire  (Read 2640 times)


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Cockatiel cock crow, crow magpie stones scissors papers

I have seen it, the future bright and gleaming, a shattered ship against the shores of nevermorewater the flying dutchman finally finding land and rest and humanitys shining landscape, a moose walking into the sunset colours so vibrant it should never be reproduced but spent, disposable art

ikea popup down at the docks, enjoy it pre-gentrification with swedish meatballs and dark-roasted peas 2 more weeks until starbucks

bene gesserit, whore-mother

something new will be born, some of use hope for wonderful others hope for dreadful but we all agree that it will be worse

we sit solemnly and pray as we face our mirror image, a pandemic potentially matching us, in mental fight we stand locked one will against one will, our brother will always be there, one more enemy we have made simply by existing and that will always be the enemy of poor, the downtrodden, the ill-educated that gives their wealth to those who hoard, dragons sitting in their lairs but less handsome than benedict

there is no difference between us and another virus

dead are we dogs and dreaming too

die and live and dream too, forget and become, obsess and possesss

join a posse; sing please brother sing no it doesnt matter if you cant sing sing with your voice i want to hear your beautiful tones, your beautiful dissonance, i want to live the dream butthole surfers dreamt when they tried to make an amp that would make you shit yourself, i just dont want to be there, i want to live interestingly vicariously

you can feel yourself so close, you can feel the shape and contour of you of me of I and you can feel the shape the contour of where you keep yourself from, a hidden id in a hidden room inside a hidden dream banging on a door somewhere, always heard like a rhythmic thump from somewhere and even when i walk without rhythm i feel the 60 bpm
Everyone will always be too late


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I loved that. It sounded so poetic!
I personally love talking about self-love and confidence, because nowadays it's hard to love yourself, in a world where you always compare yourself (unconcsiously) with somebody else, online.
That is so stupid. Still we feel like we don't fit in, into a society who wasn't made for fitting in. There's always this classification, who is in which class, who is better, who has more money, who got them looks... I'm sick of it.
Everybody should be happy and enojoy life, instead of trying to show others a version of yourself, which just isn't you...
We need to change our mindset, because it will ruin us all that way...
stay close to people who feel like sunshine