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Just noticed I “independently” found this “RAW” in someone’s work today  :fnord:

Bobby Campbell:
Much obliged, Dok!

Great find, minuspace!

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: Bobby Campbell on October 16, 2020, 03:25:45 am ---Much obliged, Dok!

Great find, minuspace!

--- End quote ---

Any time, Bobby.  If you think of anything else, just holler.

heh, I recently shot an e-mail to the folks at Hilaritas Press. Partially to praise them for all the great RAW re-releases, and partially to offer my freelance publishing services, though I'm sure they have it all covered already. Got a really warm thanks. Man, it would be so cool to work on some of these books.

Bobby's probably too humble to link to his own, but check it out - very modestly priced:

Bobby Campbell:
Right on, Cram! Christina & Rasa, who run Hilaritas Press, really are entirely wonderful  :fnord:

When we were working out the details on my doing interior art for the Historical Illuminatus books, Christina, who is RAW's daughter, took the page rate I requested and doubled it, because she saw RAW struggle under bad work-for-hire deals, and wanted to make sure that didn't happen to me.

Not quite the usual outcome of dealing with a publisher!


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