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JUSTICE for Justice
« on: November 06, 2020, 05:42:22 pm »
This is my dear Igbo brother Justice Ihechi Raphael. He was murdered in cold blood by the genocidal Northern Nigerian forces about a week ago. I was maintaining contact with him on a backup FB account of his after his original account was falsely labeled a "scammer" and deleted. He wanted only peace and prosperity for his people, and ALL people, who have been subject to an ongoing, tragically effective, genocide by the north since the 70s. His brother contacted me yesterday. My hope was to one day embrace him under the sun with my feet on African soil. Now I must cry JUSTICE for Justice. I want cold, hard revenge, but he would not have wanted that. I will instead by nonprofit means seek the JUSTICE needed for him and untold millions more murdered by the so called nigerian "government". I am YET AGAIN heartbroken and will be in mourning for a while. Then I shall continue about my plans with new vigor. A few poorly aimed bullets was all it took to take his life, but I WILL ensure that loss was not for nothing.

I will have JUSTICE for Justice!!
On my Soul so it will be.
Or Kill Me.
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