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So you insist "AntiFa is a violent organization..."


"There's a difference between anti-fascism and the "VIOLENT ANTIFA GANG. They're not the same thing!!!"

Cool. Patriotism and "Patriots" aren't the same thing. One is a sense of pride and fellowship in one's country and the other is membership in a terrorist org that listens to trashy paranoia talk radio shows, nitpicks the president's speeches and combs 4chan/8chan for super-secret bat-signal clues they call BREADCRUMBS.

Funny thing about these hyper-militarized, "Patriot" rapists and thugs is that they operate in cells and sleeper-cells. They spread their message of war and total control far and wide and use dogwhistle language from their book of lies to communicate and try to convert the weak and impressionable to their evil ways. You cut the head off one group and six others sprout in their place.

They're trying to change our peaceful way of life and convert everyone to the fucked up series of lies and laws to which they swear their allegiance. They infiltrate the government, our military, our schools and businesess. They're trying to codify their fannatical beliefs and zealotry into our system of governance. Every time I see one of them in their ridiculous attire, it makes me sick to see what this country is going to. We should deport every last one of them.

If you want to live in this country, you need to behave as such. Come here, get your vaccinations, pay your taxes and support the worker/your fellow countrymen. This nation was founded on strong unions and a deeply held reverence for the morals and tenets of ethical secularism. You fly OUR flag, OUR colors here.

If you don't like it, take your fascist Confederate flag, turn in your passport, book a flight to Russia and GTFO. REAL Americans don't want you here destroying everything we built and have pride in.

I want Bernie mittens, bitches.

The Wizard Joseph:

--- Quote from: navkat on January 25, 2021, 11:09:58 pm ---I want Bernie mittens, bitches.

--- End quote ---
Funny you shou mention. Payne just made these.


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