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Discordian Universal Time, a/k/a "I got a new watch!"



Saint Tuesday:
Is that the classic decimal time watch brought to us by the french revolution?

Saint Tuesday:
So I was obsessed over the Svalbard decimal watches for quite a while and now I might be obsessed again. I never did pull the trigger and buy one. Question about Universal Discordian Time. Since the day is Eris' domain and the night Nox's(according to the Discordian tarot description about the Day cards, is the Discordian day broken up in to 1-5 daylight hours and 6-10 night time hours? Or does it start at midnight like the heathen 24 hour system? It seems like breaking the day and night in to 5 hour sections fits more with the Law of Fives than having a just a 10 hour day. There are some decimal watches out there on zazzle that use a standard 12 hour movement, but have a watch face broken in to 5 hours. They also have 6-10 in smaller numerals for the full 10 hour days.


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