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Saint Tuesday:
Over in the reddit discordian discord, Alana, Bwana Honolulu, and myself have been cooking up an idea to publish a website dedicated to Intermittens. Not only would this provide people to access the files easily, we want to work on getting it to the top of web searches when you search "intermittens", unlike currently, where the closest relevant link points to information about some unofficial versions of Intermittens. If no one has any issues with the idea, Faust has generously offered to let us use for the website.

Doktor Howl:
I don't see a problem with it.  Beats the hell out of Uncle BadTouch being allowed to pretend to be the main distributor.

Bwana Honolulu:
Power to the actual people!

more hosting is better hosting

You're not...

...I mean, you wouldn't....

...pleasepleaseplease tell me you won't be hosting Issue 4.


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