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Re: Poor Person Eats
« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2021, 10:15:24 pm »
In fact, if my math is right, one of those sausages prepared as described is in the ballpark of about 450-500 calories, and I definitely spent only .... 12 dollars on the sausages (18 sausages), 6 on the chili and cheese (2 cans each, ~2 dollars a can for chili and ~1 for cheese), and 4 dollars on the bread? So you're looking at what, 22/18=$1.22/sausage (a little bit more actually since I'll need to get more bread before anything else, but still), so I'm spending less than $2.50 a meal on some greasy garbage comfort food worth 900-1000 calories a piece.

The only time I think I've eaten cheaper is during the 4 days or so after the 14th. 7-11 Pi Day sale; those pizzas are 2-3 meals a piece.
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