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This is not Civilzation. This is Legal Barbarism at Scale.

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Just some Lefty Propaganda for those interested. Inspired by some JacobinMag literature and some writings by G. William Domhoff. Highly recommend him for high-level views of American Power Structures.

Historical Genesis of Hierarchical Power Structures

Humans have always created Hierarchical Power Structures in a 3-Step process known as Circumscription (Binding People to a place):

* Organization of Innovation of Production and/or Consumption on a given piece of land to increase its value to its locals and foreigners alike (Irrigation agriculture/trade monopolies did this before governments existed), and distribution of its resources to those a leader wishes to control

* With that control, establishment of a Military to enforce a Leader's Ownership of that Land

* And establishment of a Religion that legitimizes that Leader's position in the Hierarchy

The difficulties you face in trying to walk away from Local Growth Coalitions and Capitalist Monopolies, as well as the profitable, private Infrastructure and conveniences they provide, are intentional consequences set to increase Population Density, and therefore Profit per square foot of Land, not the result of natural Market Influences.

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you're not one of those conspiracy theorists i keep hearing so much about, are ya?


--- Quote from: rong on May 22, 2021, 05:25:44 pm ---you're not one of those conspiracy theorists i keep hearing so much about, are ya?

--- End quote ---

Well, what kind of Conspiracy Theorist are we talking about? I don't think we're turning the frogs gay, or that Biden is Trump in a Biden costume and Trump never left the White House. But I do believe that a significant portion of the Capitalist Elite are conspiring with Growth Coalitions to extract wealth and labor from as many people as possible at all costs.

It felt wrong, but still voted Biden, if that helps.

so, no, but yes?  i was just makin chit chat.  i checked out your FB page.  I feel like I disagree with a lot of your premises and have the urge to try to debate them.  Admittedly, it's not an arena I have a lot of experience in, though.  For example, I'm not familiar with the term "growth coalition."


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