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This is not Civilzation. This is Legal Barbarism at Scale.

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--- Quote from: rong on May 22, 2021, 06:34:48 pm ---so, no, but yes?  i was just makin chit chat.  i checked out your FB page.  I feel like I disagree with a lot of your premises and have the urge to try to debate them.  Admittedly, it's not an arena I have a lot of experience in, though.  For example, I'm not familiar with the term "growth coalition."

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Liberals/Pluralists and Right-Wingers/Libertarians tend not to agree with me. I'm assuming you're in the former crowd, to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Growth Coalitions are the independent Power Structures at the Local and State levels that include Retailers, Land Owner Monopolies, Landlords, and City Managers/Politicians that benefit from Population and Land growth. A great breakdown by the leading voice in Power Structure Research can be found here.

Essentially, they work together to drive investments into Cities, often at the cost of neighborhood Public Health, Safety, and Community. They are largely responsible for Gentrification and displacement of the poor. Not everything they do is negative, per se, but their tendency to favor profit over Social well-being makes them a Net Negative force.


--- Quote from: PoFP on May 22, 2021, 03:16:17 pm ---Just some Lefty Propaganda for those interested. Inspired by some JacobinMag literature and some writings by G. William Domhoff. Highly recommend him for high-level views of American Power Structures.

Historical Genesis of Hierarchical Power Structures

Humans have always created Hierarchical Power Structures in a 3-Step process known as Circumscription (Binding People to a place):

* Organization of Innovation of Production and/or Consumption on a given piece of land to increase its value to its locals and foreigners alike (Irrigation agriculture/trade monopolies did this before governments existed), and distribution of its resources to those a leader wishes to control

* With that control, establishment of a Military to enforce a Leader's Ownership of that Land

* And establishment of a Religion that legitimizes that Leader's position in the Hierarchy

The difficulties you face in trying to walk away from Local Growth Coalitions and Capitalist Monopolies, as well as the profitable, private Infrastructure and conveniences they provide, are intentional consequences set to increase Population Density, and therefore Profit per square foot of Land, not the result of natural Market Influences.

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And of course, Religion doesn't necessarily always mean Christianity, Islam, etc.

As Discordians are quite aware, Doctrine and Dogma, like Constitutional/Founder Fetishism or "Leadership" Fetishism in Bureaucracies are completely viable replacements for the Secular Suckerô.

I was always looking for a unified application of a lot of the concepts of Discordianism in understanding today's corruption and I think I've found it in Sociology, and specifically, the study of Power Structures. And unsurprisingly, there's actually fairly limited Publicized research on the Subject, which means there's a lot more to learn and discover. G. William Domhoff and others have been working to formalize the empirical study of Power Structures using Statistics, Communication Networks, and Political Content Analysis. But I think a significant portion of the Research is focused on measuring and identifying the Structures we already have accurate pictures of. I plan on using some of the formalized areas of the study, along with Political Science and Sociology in general to put together an Architectural Reference representation of Power Structures and their Types, and to hopefully expand and clarify the lower-level details of how they work as best I can. A lot of this will be no-brainers for most everyone on this Board, but I think a unified picture will make it easier to study and identify wild Power Structures and prevent predatory, hierarchical ones from being created or at least gaining popularity. At the Local Level, we might even be able to put together a discipline for reversing and replacing them with Grass-Roots, Community-based Democracies.

Hopefully, this is not just another Pet Project I'll spend a week on and get bored of and never complete though, like I've done with every passion I've ever had.

Jorge Dorn:
So, how did it turn out?


--- Quote from: Jorge Dorn on January 14, 2022, 09:09:02 pm ---So, how did it turn out?

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This work is being continued in the Power Structure Architecture thread in Think For Yourself, Schmuck.

Currently taking a break from writing to chew on some recent research. Unfortunately, I'm getting uncomfortably close to an Existential Theory Of Everything, which means some information needs to be digested more and refocused through grounded, real-world inspiration. Planning to re-evaluate and continue writing some more next week.


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