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Shameless Propagandized Short Stories/Snippets With Minimal Context

Started by POFP, June 07, 2021, 05:45:46 PM

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By the way, everything I write is KopyLeft. Distribute and edit as you like.

Elmer Season

"It's a 'dog-eat-dog' world out Here"
The Executive said, running his hands over the Veneer
Of his Father's Desk, that he held Dear

He uses it the same way his Father Did
A platform on which to amass Power before his Monopoly is Ended

It sits in the Tower of his Mansion
Filled with enough Security to stop an Invasion

"And WE take all the Risk"

He said, gesturing to his team of Investors
Who have Mansions of their own of equal Splendor
"WE are responsible for every Expenditure-"

"Except for the most important of them All"
The little Girl interrupted, with about as much Gall

"Your ability to move numbers from Account to Project"
"Is nil compared to the Lives you refuse to Protect"

"Your claim to Risk is only Theoretical"
The Girl said, casually brushing her hand against a shifting Mantle

"You act as though you are a Wolf - a Dog among the rest"
"But it's those who you employ who take all Shots aimed at your Chest"

"You don't know what it's like to Fight in the Pit"
"Because it was your Father, and all of his friends, who dedicated their fortunes to building It"

"It was made for you as a Tool"
"Whose sole purpose: Facilitating your Rule"

The Girl grasped the Mantle Tightly
"It's about time you've learned the true Cost of preaching competition so Lightly"

The Girl ripped the Mantle Away
Revealing the town's ravenous Hounds who've Hungered for many a Day

The Girl gave an awful Grin
The kind that constricts the Subject's Oxygen

"This is the Era of the Workers; the Builders; the True Creators of the Progress you've Stunted"
"The Season when the Hunters will become the Hunted"

The Executive was right in a kind of Way
With no Leash and Fence keeping the Dogs at Bay
Consumed and barren his Bones and Palace will forever Lay

Snippets With Less Context (Would like to add to this list using other suggestions - They inspire things like what I wrote above)

"It's a competitive, 'dog-eat-dog' world out here", he said, tightening the leash and re-adjusting his layers of bite-resistant padding.

"You have to know how to swim with the Sharks", he said, his voice muffled by his Diver's Mask, hands bracing his protective cage.
This Certified Popeā„¢ reserves the Right to, on occasion, "be a complete dumbass", and otherwise ponder "idiotic" and/or "useless" ideas and other such "tomfoolery." [Aforementioned] are only responsible for the results of these actions and tendencies when they have had their addictive substance of choice for that day.

Being a Product of their Environment's Collective Order and Disorder, [Aforementioned] also reserves the Right to have their ideas, technologies, and otherwise all Intellectual Property stolen, re-purposed, and re-attributed at Will ONLY by other Certified Popes. Corporations, LLC's, and otherwise Capitalist-based organizations are NOT capable of being Certified Popes.

Battering Rams not included.