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I like what you said about seeking oblivion vs seeking life.

--- Quote from: TheAudience on June 07, 2021, 07:56:39 pm ---Gurdjieff was one of those I had in mind for the third type of guru. Not na´ve and still striving to help those who strive to live. From reading your experiences it seems like you have found a group that isn't overridden by the seekers of oblivion. Congrats on that. I'm still trying to decide if I should continue attending the cabal meetings, and the above post was my attempt at sorting through some of that. The fact that much of the discussion revolves around the works of Gurdjieff raises difficult concerns for me because of my bias and past experiences, because I see him as having the role of a guru. For now I'm leaning towards sticking around because at the very least it gives my mind something to chew on during the quiet hours at work.
--- End quote ---

Do what's needed!
Gurdjieff is not for everybody. If it's not your thing, don't sweat it. For real.

Our cabal is exploring his thought together, but we are not a "4th Way" group. We're a "5th Way" group.  :fnord: That's our own thing.

Our way, which we're creating as we go,
is about breaking into the temple and trying on its regalia.

We owe nothing to Gurdjieff himself. The old mage has been dead for 70 years.
We're like vikings cruising down the fjord looking for a temple to raid. But we don't want the gold.

all that being said, remember there are two different meetings, which alternate weeks. This coming Wednesday is actually the Potluck Cult.
We'll be talking about The Art of Memetics. We'll be joined by the illustrator and one of the authors.


--- Quote ---"I am a crock of shit. In my view, Discordianism is this. It is seeking to fulfil that which novelty cannot. It is a bottomless striving. It is endless seeking. It is self deception where necessary, and where possible it is staring at the naked reality, no matter how unpleasant. It is ritual for the biological urge for ritual. It is gathering and dividing. It is hooking objective reality to subjective value, winding up the springs, and marching disorderly into the unknown. It is clear as mud, mystery that requires pickaxes, and likely always poop at the core."

--- End quote ---

what a crock of shit!!  :)

I regard most of the stuff that comes from my mind as utter bullshit. The top post is no different. The dichotomy of Life vs. Oblivion is a lovely crock of conceptual crapola and likely doesn't hold up under modest scrutiny. c'est la vie. I use it cause it's a fun lens to look through and if you hold it just right you might be able to set fire to some loose kindling or insects. It was an effective tool I carved out of the mormon faith which I subsequently used for getting out of the mormon faith. How's that for raiding the temple  :lulz:

I could try and polish it up for presentation if anyone wants a show and tell. Passing around spoils is half the fun.  :)


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