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music store employees - a tribute

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Dang, that was much better than I expected. Well done!


--- Quote from: Joshua123 on March 18, 2022, 12:27:11 pm ---Dang, that was much better than I expected. Well done!

--- End quote ---
thanks, man

i have a shitload more tunes i posted up i'd sure appreciate if anybody listens to them and gave me some feedback.  a dangerous thing about recording music is that you end up listening to it over and over and over which is the perfect way to brainwash yourself into liking it, so i always end up thinking my shit is great.  compound that with a bunch of nobody ever tells me it sucks, and i just end up more convinced that it's fantastic shit and why the fuck am i not super rich and famous?

ooh, i miss playing with loops! what sort of feedback are you looking for? i listened to a bunch, but my pattern tended to giving the first 20% a try, then skipping to 40-60-80%. most of what i listened to seems like a good fit for live venue/bar/wedding/etc - it can be background, while still amusing those who pay attention. i like how inventive and ranged it is - the acoustic guitar with synth accompaniment took me by surprise

my attention span is shot, so i liked some of the shorts - they made me laugh - but with that in mind i feel that maybe with the single loop deck you might be getting locked into the base layers, which makes a transition/bridge/something to break it up harder

looove the oscilloscope - yes!!


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