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Started by Bobby Campbell, April 06, 2023, 10:17:45 PM

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Bobby Campbell

MAYBE DAY 2023 is our 4th annual virtual celebration of the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mr. Wilson's Sirius contact experience, and as such, I encourage everyone to embrace their weirdest and wildest hopes & dreams  :fnord: :fnord: :fnord:

We will be re-engaging the COSMIC TRIGGER on July 23rd 8:08 AM UTC at

Let this serve as a clarion call for RAW art, video presentations, writing, and whatever else besides!

You can either send in your work to be featured on the Maybe Day site itself, and/or submit a link to be added to the NEW TRAJECTORIES WEBRING. (

The idea is simple: Make something cool • Share it • Explore the others!

You can contact me here or at
Approximate deadline for submitting Maybe Day offerings is July 15th

Also! As always, in the spirit of Discordians sticking apart, do please feel free & encouraged to create & post Maybe Day content using your own ways and means. A decentralized and self-organizing Maybe Day would be just the thing to keep the lasagna flying onward and upward to ever greater glory.

Bobby Campbell


Thanks for doing this as well as all you do Bobby! I was bummed to not submit anything last year because I was having website issues. THEN, when I looked at what others submitted a bunch of synchronicities clicked a big "DUH SUBSTACK!!!" sign on in my head, and I have since started a substack due to last year's inspiration! You all give my mind the healthiest of snacks. Thank you for feeding it so well! I look forward to our next get-together! Yay!!!
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Betta Fish

Bobby Campbell

MAYBE DAY 2023 is here!
The 4th annual Discordian multimedia arts festival, celebrating the lives & ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, is open for your bewilderment at  :fnord: :fnord: :fnord: A virtual bonanza of RAW novelty w/ contributions by a vast calvacade of Erisian luminaries featuring art, music, essays, interviews, lectures, memes, experiments, and good ol' fashioned magick!