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--- Quote ---I like this paradox of striving for selflessness reinforcing selfishness, otherwise what does the striving? (If I've restated it correctly!)

For my money the paradox maybe gets resolved by a caveat in the concept of sunyata (emptiness), which basically means that selflessness doesn't mean an absolute absence of self, but rather the lack of a permanent intrinsic identity, and that one shd recognize the self as a temporary & conditional entity, not as something completely non-existant.
--- End quote ---

Recently I have been writing a theory of Nirvana that sustains a self of some kind: the mystic falls in love with everything and nothing, and surrenders, for the benefit of the attachments, all attachments to this everything and nothing so that the only attachment left is to everything and nothing.

Sorrow is transcended. Everything and nothing persists in being everything and nothing regardless of what happens to the sentient life forms that exist.

Perfect union with one's true love results from every experience, it is all everything and nothing, so that love may continue to increase regardless of circumstance, permanently.

Only sentient life can benefit from the conduct of the mystic to have attained this state of mind. The mystic can benefit, is part of everything too. Since hir is indirectly in love with all sentient life, hir wants whatever is "best" for all sentient life (including hirself). This could help solve global warming...

This may even permanently activate higher circuits of RAW, Leary, Antero Alli, and all's 8 circuit model.

Emotional control is easier with simple love. It is possible to release fear at will, and to make pride small yet positive, and to thru meditation on nothing attain a non verbal union with one's immediate experience.

*edit: I strongly suspect that actual Nirvana is without a self, selfless love more profound than that described. But the above would generate the most love of any state of mind I am capable of discussing at this time.

I hope this doesn't distract from the original purpose of the thread very much, but I just finished the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra and my thoughts on Nirvana have solidified:

Ego free because all pride is released, whether thru meditation or any other means. All positive and negative sense of self esteem.

All emotions except love are released.

Love in its simplest state is unconditional, all embracing, and none attached. And the heart expands unconditionally.

So: the heart is trained to embrace everything and release lesser emotions than love. Expanding unconditionally is profoundly blissful because potentially infinite love is tapped into.

Bobby Campbell:
I can dig all of that, AI!

And no worries about the original purpose of the thread, distractions are encouraged  :fnord: :fnord:

Just to connect some dots with you...

Releasing both positive & negative self esteem reminds me of Jung's concept of enantiodromia, the idea being that psychical states call forth their opposites. A bipolar pendulum, of sorts. Neutralizing value judgements might could create some balance.

I know what you mean about euphoric & holistic love!

Interesting thing about language where it condenses a multiplicity of ideas into a single symbol, which then gets used interchangeably, with somewhat confusing results!

“Every word is a fossilized poem.”

Eros: Romantic Love
Philia: Brotherly Love
Agape: Divine/Unconditional Love

"Love, yes. Word known to all men"
- James Joyce, Ulysses

"All you need is love"
- The Beatles

"I'm lovin' it"
- McDonalds Slogan

"Love is the law"
- Aleister Crowley

"Love is metaphysical gravity."
- Bucky Fuller

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