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best fishing sunglasses

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People often ask me what is the best lure for fishing, now if you look online you will see a lot of suggestions of things like Jigs, spoons or spinnerbait, however these are just shills trying to offload product, a conspiracy of Big Fish.

What you want to use is Ray-bans.

You tie those suckers to the end of the line and even the most bashful catfish isn't going be able to resist a nibble. This works on 90% of all freshwater fish.
If you are a seafisher then you might want to vary these slightly, nothing lands a good salty Bream or Sheepshead as well as a pair of Aviators.

You're going to want to avoid using Shutter Shades, unless you want blowfish, a bony inedible angler or jellyfish.


Hey I've been trying to figure out which boner pills are best for fishing. Any reccommendations?


religion, in my opinion, there are four basic ideas:
monotheism, pantheism, atheism, polytheism

I think Discordianism is a mix of atheism and polytheism.


polyatheism, yes, I believe there are multiple nothings

and I adhere to several forms of disbelief



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