Doing everything exactly opposite from "The Mainstream" is the same thing as doing everything exactly like "The Mainstream."  You're still using What Everyone Else is Doing as your primary point of reference.

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best fishing sunglasses

Started by trizly, August 12, 2021, 07:24:02 AM

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People often ask me what is the best lure for fishing, now if you look online you will see a lot of suggestions of things like Jigs, spoons or spinnerbait, however these are just shills trying to offload product, a conspiracy of Big Fish.

What you want to use is Ray-bans.

You tie those suckers to the end of the line and even the most bashful catfish isn't going be able to resist a nibble. This works on 90% of all freshwater fish.
If you are a seafisher then you might want to vary these slightly, nothing lands a good salty Bream or Sheepshead as well as a pair of Aviators.

You're going to want to avoid using Shutter Shades, unless you want blowfish, a bony inedible angler or jellyfish.



Hey I've been trying to figure out which boner pills are best for fishing. Any reccommendations?



religion, in my opinion, there are four basic ideas:
monotheism, pantheism, atheism, polytheism

I think Discordianism is a mix of atheism and polytheism.



polyatheism, yes, I believe there are multiple nothings

and I adhere to several forms of disbelief




for the legality of Discordianism and similar religions surviving in random countries:

freedom of religion
legalization of blasphemy
freedom of speech
freedom of press
legalization of recreational drugs