Author Topic: third rate masturbatory practice for open minds and open wounds  (Read 3071 times)


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third rate masturbatory practice for open minds and open wounds
« on: January 24, 2022, 12:16:10 am »
we, the rudderless

a child to linger and dreams to die in a shelter along the river one man two cups of coffee a horse on the outside and a sasquatch with a rope around his neck eating hay waiting for his masters return one of them breathes still and it smells like master

we should never abandon our shame we should transform it transport it but never to remove from our repertoire, suppression of it only extends the time we need to cling to it like the tedium of life we need to cling to, to make it seem worth, something more than the hollowness we feel when we think it's how life is but it is a slump, a depression, something wrong with us and our outlook because everyone keeps saying that everything will get better as long as we shoulder the burden, did you read that article on the internet about that girl who was depressed but thought herself out of it she thought about sunshine and rainbows and people not meaning what they say and strangers with differing political views discussing and debating, learning more and adjusting their own meanings, thanking their opponent for broadening their views, all in public with blitzes raining, live casted on twitch and the most important question is will you see the livestream or will you watch hasans reactions to the livestream, check the embedded chat for the poll which will only be up for 66.6 seconds and if you participate you'll get part of an nft where donald trump is all the participants of lemonparty

if you're lucky you might get part of his scrotum, i hear the scrotum market is up this year, joe rogans ass sold for an undisclosed sum by an anonymous oligarch based out of a palace by the black sea, upcoins are also up, musk bezos branson coins are all on the rise, they're all headed for up there and you know it will just turn out to be some shitty flick, like battle angel alita or some other middle-of-the-road concept because that's not safe enough, i mean we are talking about continuation of the human species, we are furthering humanity because we can and if these people are the visionaries that will define something then fuck it

i'd rather strap myself to their rocketcocks, hoping for enough idiots to do the same to weigh them down and keep them down and turn the narrative where they have no escape, where they are the prison and we are rorschach come launch day 1001 idiots lungs and eyes squish and collapse, happy smiling guntoting flagwaving assholes underneath, wishing the future good luck and getting spayed with blood shit cum earwax and the luckiest will catch a vial of scrotumjuice, handing it over solemnly to the monarch of united nations, selling it as an nft BUT NOW, limited time offering, available as an nft on 666 different blockchains, come on son, you gotta catch them all

I feel guilty, sometimes, occasionally because it feels like my fault, i was young you see once and i'd read something that i really wanted to understand because i wanted to be one of the few selects who understood something that famous critics did but others didnt, i was probably sixteen so it was pynchon, orwell, huxley, koestler and i'd probably started on beat because i wanted a world where nothing meant anything and earlier i was in a slump so i thunked about this and i understood i had just been sheltered, sorry for the pause there im just so high right now,  i had been sheltered all my life or pretty lucky or perhaps i hadnt been paying as much attention to politics as i should have but its always been like that

we've always been like that, it is who we are and i wish i had the tenacity and will to rejoin the part that truly cares but the timeframe for the human evolution is just too daunting, it is too enormous a silhoutte a contour like how you feel it when you are regressing projecting inwards on acid, the naked introspection but its not just you, its your elderly neighbour you shovel snow for that keeps muttering about them damned foreigners or your coworker who watches alex jones just for the lulz but then turns into him with pride/hubris and it falls, the fool forever falling out of the tower so drive like a demon

from station to station
Everyone will always be too late