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i am the human lizard king i can do anything

Started by Sepia, February 27, 2023, 06:12:39 PM

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this is it, this, this is the existence

we die into this life from another one, once lived, still emulated within our heads - death defiant and dreaming, dream of deaf defiance, blinded as we walk through a life that has offended us, taking pills labelled hope to get through the day as we wait to die, we wait for the happiness to end, we wait for the spark to extinguish we wait for an end of good things for there is our death, when the books balance our lives, gives us an equilibrium and like a bad trip we are swallowed by all the emotions we try to keep at bay, to keep from influencing us becoming us so we shan't become them, become enveloped by them, every theoretical life we lived here for the taking and here for the living but we remain frozen in fear and stilled as we die into this existence flooded with every emotion conceivable and the plan hatches in our collective subconsciousness and we long to be birthed out of this world plane reality existence and through every multiverse the unconscious desire of socially accepted suicide gives birth to entropy itself, confirming what we are and what we always will be, the constant force that will always move towards the ending

a linear thought-fashion and a limited alphabet to keep us in our chains

and the smiths hammer day and night burning the coal and wood to forge our new manacles, yesteryears fashion recycled into the haute couture of a new world, a new season and the light that ever or never hit our hearts weep silently and solemnly, time travellers looking ahead or behind into the heart of the folly and the magician nods knowingly, we do what we have to do we do what we have always done and what we will always do, it doesn't matter if you know the history because it will always repeat itself in circles ad nauseum like magic spinning teacups, vomit trailing and tracing through the air, splattering the faithful and the heretics all the same as we learn but still limited by our needs and wants, we are not the pupae the optimists believe, there will be no future Foundation but there will be a dazzling display, a catwalk not even the gods could conjure and dream and there will be no event, there is no apocalypse and the eschaton was immanentized the second the idea was furnished and this is it, this is the utopian dream we are living and breathing, this is the vision of jesus christ, this is the sacred light that fills our heart, our time our prime the best versions of who we could be, who we are

as we race through our lives we scream and shout in anger we cry in frustration as our capacity to love mirrors our capacity to hate, emotional creatures refusing to believe nobody has a plan and as we write these words we look down upon our wrists and we rub balm where our prisons chafe and there is a feeling of pride because we decided it, we did what we had to and what we had to do was to be there as the runway lit up and out they came out we came and as we bathed in holy light like moths revelling in death we oohed and aahed and we were entertained and the madman observed the neverending empire, finally understanding the magicians role, writing luminary texts

illuminating us
enlightening us
transforming us
becoming us

we were always us, no gods no demons, no light no darkness, no institutions no laws, just us
Everyone will always be too late

chaotic neutral observer

Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando.


Everyone will always be too late