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There are dreadful things.

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To the "staunch defenders of gender norms", I am your dragon. I will build my lair of your bones, I will raid your settlements, I will steal your womenfolk. There is no Saint George among you, and my scales are built of collapsed stars. I am a hungry maw. Come and get me.

To the "respectable transgender people": don't worry, I see you. Your grovelling for headpats won't save you in the end. Accepting mistreatment won't save you. Choosing palatable identities won't save you. You will not be saved. Join us or be eaten. There are no other roads. Everyone knows what happens to traitors.

To the "allies," if you aren't complicit in my crimes then you are complicit in theirs. There will be no fencesitting, I will eat the leg dangled before me. And remember that helping me gives you no special treatment. You deserve none. You are not my kind. My kind is old, vile, slithering. My kind lurks in gutters and watches for opportunity. We don't wear a human mask, we don't become pets. My kind watches you stumble in the deep woods at night and picks you off one by one. My kind inspires myth. We scar your culture with tragedy.

We will not make space for you. You don't belong. Go back to huddle around your fires and avoid shadowed corners. Hope that we remember you fondly, and not with hungry eyes.

As a favored author of mine wrote, "There are dreadful things."

We are they.

--reposted from my Twitter and expanded, with thanks to Laird Barron for the title's inspiration.

If, in reaction to this, you assume that you will be eaten, you are saying that you are my enemy.

If you are my enemy, then no effort is wasted. There is no end at which I will stop. Indeed, I don't know how.

There is only lunging out of hollows.
There is only wind in feathers and slick scales stirring marsh reeds.
There is only a warren of fetid tunnels.
There is only blind groping with talons on all sides.
There are only teeth, only endings.

Anyone who would dare to sell me and mine up the river for their own comfort, would proclaim us a deviant, would misgender us on purpose, they will learn that there is no insignificance that can hide them from me. You cannot be beneath my notice. I am an avatar of the hungering darkness, a devouring shape skulking in dusk fog. I am entropy. I am the basilisk, perched on the horizon, and my solitary lambent eye reflects everything.

I am this because it's what they made of me. I choose to embrace my role as antagonist.

There will be struggling, but there is no escape. We who live in darkness love you, with the inevitable, final love of a black hole.

Doktor Howl:

This is top notch. 

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: altered on March 18, 2022, 06:56:27 pm ---To the "allies," if you aren't complicit in my crimes then you are complicit in theirs.

--- End quote ---


Having a good day today. Glad to see my bad day shit is worth something.


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