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the book of forbidden geometries

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my totally badass title for my combination gamedev/relaxation colouring book, i don't stress out too much about wrong lines or wobbles because chill is more important in that process - i only titled it after the following image starting challenging my brain in ways i didn't like. it took four days of looking at it in different short sessions before the mounting feeling of discomfort and growing fear didn't quickly stress me a headache. and then it struck me that i was looking at the opposite of sacred geometry which makes complexity a calming canvas for infinite interpretations - it isn't symmetrical, tidy.. it didn't make me feel clever because it hinted at a pattern i couldn't quite see.. so no expected dopamine rush..  and just uncomfortable for my brain to deal with.

subliminal warning: do not look indirectly at image
i still haven't figured out the algorithm, though i figured out today, there must be an algorithm, but my suspicion is that the image stopped hurting my brain i only after new neural connections formed in response to it. which would mean my brain:
a) not only figured it out
b) isn't telling me the answer

So... Profane Geometry.  It sort of looks fractal, I have an idea what you were trying to do but that may or may not be right.  I'll put it on my list of things to do when I don't have anything else to do

oh sweet! collaboration would be awesome - i was thinking more forbidden as in forbidden fruit - sacred geometries are pleasing and symmetrical, they lull the mind and provide calmness, they are order in the guise of chaos, cheap parlour tricks - forbidden geometries provoke the mind and force it to take on a new imprint while the brain scrambles to find the pattern

slightly better shot, now with more lines!

"don't clap - no - you're just clapping yourselves"
-- Stewart Lee
my partner was wondering why i kept getting trapped in that page, suddenly snapping the book closed and then glaring at it suspiciously from a safe distance while muttering under my breath. so by way of explanation, i started drawing out the implied lines for her on another page. she loved it more :evilmad:

mass marketable sacred geometries are NyQuil for the soul


a symmetrical asymmetrical tiling mistake
makes a better colouring book
than game engine design document

so much for my physics without numbers
and my pixels without boring ass squares
just hand me fresh crayons

for i hunger for something not on the menu


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