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Started by lexi, March 25, 2022, 03:52:37 PM

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when we talk about the inevitable-end-of-capitalism, what do we really mean? tricky question for who are we have different dreams all. i think it has more to do with nomadic Peer-Identified-Subject-Matter-Experts having the flexibility to drop in and out of local businesses and organisations to help keep them afloat after the tide goes out. motivated flash cabals of consultants no money can buy who build resilience and integrity into the top third of industries to enable and guarantee the smoothest transition to post capitalistic driven structures and consensual non exploitative principles

what does art representing this period look like? it can't. formless and with too many forms to count. less accounting, brutal accountability. subversions of traditional expectation branded ruts by capitalistic impulse realised and repeated ad vomitorium. no names, for it cannot be named in order to be communicated. i ask my canadian chums - whose face is on all your money? do you think that means nothing? try getting your face on every coin note and stamp and then tell me it was nothing. heck - try putting a black woman on anything that those dicks-in-diapers care about but can't control and contain and they spontaneously lose their shit.

what does art representing this period feed on? i say integrity - i reached out to a random local lawyer while disassociating and received a positive response, but as it turns out, that contingency was unnecessary a few hours later when i read their response - i had already brought the corporate monopoly to its knees asking forgiveness without trying to twist any truths together or apart, of this i feel good, so i'll brag about this art and hope my small victory this morning inspires others to not do the same, but coop better: